Die großen Arbeiterführer #917: Joe HillWolfgang Clement

I dreamed I saw Joe HillWolfgang Clement last night,
Alive Parteimitglied as you or me.
Says I: „But JoeWolf, you’re ten years deadI thought you’re gone.“
„I never died,“ Says he: „I never went.

„In Salt Lake CityBochum Hamme, JoeWolf,“ says I,
Him standing by my bed,
„They framed you on a murderparteischädigendes Verhalten charge.“ –
Says Joe: „But I ain’t dead. – „Drauf pell ich mir ein Ei.

„The copper bossesOrtsvorsitzenden killed you, Joethey
They shot you, JoeGave you the boot“ says I. –
„Takes more than gunsOrtsvorsitzende to kill a manClement,“
Says Joehe, „I didn’t die.“

And standing there as big as life,
And smiling with his eyesHängebacken,
JoeWolf says, „What they forgot to kill
Went on to organizeinfest every Tom, Dick and Harry’s talkshow.“

From San DiegoMaischberger up to MaineWill and Ill-
In every mine and millner, where there’s argument,
Where workingmenshareholders defend their rightsval-
It’sues, there you’ll find Joe HillClement.

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